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VO Financial is the creator and owner of the Debt Reduction Deed Replacement Program

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J., Sept. 31, 2012

VO Financial, the leading provider of financial and consultation services for timeshare consumers, has developed a unique solution for timeshare owners who are stuck in a financial nightmare due to lies, misrepresentations, and/or predatory lending practices.

"The Debt Reduction Deed Replacement Program has shown over time to be a proven service where VO Financial consultants will work closely with clients assisting them towards the goal of eliminating existing timeshare obligations along with the facilitation of a new timeshare ownership that is affordable and debt-free," says Joshua L Gayl, Esq. -- General Counsel for VO Financial Corporation.

As Section 1414 of the Federal Dodd-Frank Act permits, timeshare mortgages, as opposed to residential personal mortgages, are specifically permitted to utilize the non-judicial foreclose process i.e. a deed in lieu of foreclosure in addition to other state specific legislation permitting the same (FL Code Ch. 721, F.S.). A deficiency judgment will not be entered against the person after receiving a deed in lieu so as to eliminate all obligations associated with the timeshare and the accompanying debt.

About VO Financial Corporation

VO Financial Corporation specializes in helping victims of timeshare fraud, misrepresentation, and or predatory lending practices. VO Financial Corporation offers specialized retail installment financing options to consumers who have otherwise been denied. VO Financial Corporation is the largest timeshare consulting firm in the world and understands the difficulties of timeshare owners can face. We do not care about your past history because we focus our energies on providing you with a brighter future. For more information about VO Financial, visit its website at

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DISCLAIMER: VO Financial is not a resale or listing company. VO Financial does not sell timeshare or rent any timeshare for a fee. VO Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any U.S. Bank or lending institution. As such, our services shall not be construed to be paying off any existing timeshare debt or any mortgage that may be associated with a customer's timeshare ownership. Additionally, VO Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any timeshare developer or any timeshare resort.