Based on our extensive experience in the timeshare industry, we know how frustrated, disappointed, and stuck our clients feel about their existing timeshare because of their developer's deceptive sales practices. Using the Debt Reduction/Deed ReplacementTM program, VO Financial works closely with clients to eliminate their large debt accumulated from purchasing timeshare or vacation ownership.

VO Financial was created to offer the guidance and support these owners need to eliminate their timeshare debt and acquire affordable vacation ownership that meets their expectations for beautiful properties and incredible destinations without breaking the bank. Our formula is simple. Through honesty, integrity, and reliable service, now and in the future, VO Financial has quickly become the industry leader in protecting and assisting timeshare owners. We currently serve an extremely diverse group of clients and issues.



Establish Misrepresentation

After speaking with a timeshare owner and receiving their written complaint, a VO Financial consultant will thoroughly review the owners account to determine that product misrepresentation occurred during the timeshare purchase transaction.

Senior Specialist Review

VO Financial requires various steps to be completed before a timeshare owner is offered possible assistance with their timeshare debt. If a VO Financial consultant believes that an owner was the victim of timeshare fraud, the account is discussed and forwarded to a VO Financial Senior Specialist. An appointment will then be set for a Senior Specialist to speak with the client.

Committee Decision

After thorough review and much discussion, a resolution may be provided to reduce the timeshare owner's substantial debt. If the Debt Reduction Deed ReplacementTM service or Debt Reduction Inspired Vacations service is the most suitable for the owner's current financial situation and travel lifestyle, the owner will be given a Service Agreement that fully outlines the service to be rendered.

Process Explanation

VO Financial will take the time to explain the entire process at great length with each client. A Debt Reduction Deed Replacement or Debt Reduction Inspired Vacations handbook is now sent to clients to outline each step of the process so that clients are confident and knowledgeable until contract completion.

Service Completion

Once the Debt Reduction Deed Replacement or Debt Reduction Inspired Vacations service is complete, the client's original timeshare ownership will be eliminated as well as the original debt. The original ownership and debt will be replaced with a deed free of all liens and encumbrances or an Inspired Vacations membership.

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Debt Reduction Inspired VacationsTM 
Timeshare Ownership has consistently been known for three things: beautiful properties, incredible destinations and FRIGHTENING sales practices. Nevertheless, the reason for owning a timeshare has never changed - people simply want to spend quality time with their family and friends. Unfortunately, after being deceived by their developer, the majority of timeshare and vacation ownership owners have forgotten why they purchased a timeshare in the first place. They find themselves scratching their heads trying to figure out how they wound up deep in debt and angry over the process that landed them there.

VO Financial created a Debt Reduction Inspired VacationsTM service to eliminate a timeshare owner's original ownership and substantial debt and replace that ownership with an Inspired VacationsTM membership. This service allows members the opportunity to travel at deeply discounted rates while staying in the luxury accommodations of timeshare resorts that they have grown accustomed to. Members only pay for a vacation when they take a vacation. For more information about Inspired VacationsTM click here.

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DISCLAIMER: VO Financial is not a resale or listing company. VO Financial does not sell timeshare or rent any timeshare for a fee. VO Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any U.S. Bank or lending institution. As such, our services shall not be construed to be paying off any existing timeshare debt or any mortgage that may be associated with a customer's timeshare ownership. Additionally, VO Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any timeshare developer or any timeshare resort.