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VO Financial has designed a distinctive Vacation Travel Club for people who would love to own a timeshare but do not want the aggravation of yearly maintenance fees, the restrictions placed on having too few points for the resort you want, or having too many points which you never use. Inspired Vacations offers a unique vacation experience for travelers who want the ultimate resort vacation while staying on a budget. How do you want to enjoy your next vacation? There is no need to explain, we already know, because our families want the same thing! Inspired locations, world-class resorts, fun activities close by, amazing vistas, peaceful beaches, majestic mountains, abundant dining opportunities, yes, the list goes on and on. But number one is always an Inspired Vacation in the perfect location for an affordable price. Our Inspired Vacations Club Members get to enjoy all the benefits of luxury travel without the financial responsibility of timeshare ownership. Dream the vacation you want, in a world-class timeshare resort, and Inspired Vacations will make it happen, for 50 percent less than the advertised price. That's right, the price is truly the amazing part, You will never pay more than Half of the Lowest, Online Rental Price For The Same Week in the Same Resort!

Think of the opportunities you will have to travel, the life-long memories you can make with your family and friends, plus all the amenities of a high-end timeshare resort vacations with no on-going, financial obligations. Already have timeshare points but never have enough for all the vacations you want? Then Inspired Vacations can offer you the additional travel opportunities without the expense of additional ownership. When you become an Inspired Vacations Club Member, you will receive the opportunity for world-wide travel at deeply discounted rates. Club Members simply e-mail, or call into our home office, and submit a reservation request. Once the request is reviewed and the travel agenda is finalized, you will receive a phone call from one of our Inspired Vacations consultants to verify the reservation. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation for the reservation.

Like all of the programs introduced by VO Financial, our goal in creating Inspired Vacations was to introduce an exceptional and simple concept of travel to our clients, offering an inspired way to vacation and enjoy priceless time with your family and friends.

DISCLAIMER: V O Financial is not a resale or listing company. V O Financial does not sell timeshare or rent any timeshare for a fee. V O Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any U.S. Bank or lending institution. As such, our services shall not be construed to be paying off any existing timeshare debt or any mortgage that may be associated with a customer's timeshare ownership. Additionally, V O Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any timeshare developer or any timeshare resort.