Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation began with a pioneering spirit and vision that has never existed in the timeshare or vacation ownership industry. We wanted to try an innovative approach to timeshare ownership and give our clients something they had never experienced before: exceptional service built on honesty, integrity and reliability.

As a Timeshare Consulting Firm, Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation offers a diverse and comprehensive array of services for both our current and prospective clients. Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation has designed services to assist our clients with every aspect of timeshare and vacation ownership from Debt Reduction/Deed Replacement to Timeshare Protection and Inspired Vacations.

Our Programs include Debt Reduction, Inspired Vacations, Take My Place Rental Program and My 500 Referral

Debt Reduction Program:

Take My PlaceTM Rental Program:

The Take My PlaceTM Rental Program is a value added service for our clients at no cost to them. This program provides a means for our Inspired VacationsTM clients to take quality vacations without the hassle of timeshare requirements and increasing maintenance fees. An advantage of our Take My Place rental program is that pre-booked reservations do not apply. One of the best aspects of the last-minute reservation system is that it enables our clients to use a minimal amount of their ownership while receiving the maximum amount of rental income. Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation will not hold your timeshare or vacation ownership inventory in hopes of renting that time. This can result in the loss of your usage without any financial gain. To learn more about Take My Place, please visit to be redirected to the website.


Inspired VacationsTM Travel Program:

Inspired VacationsTM was designed as a distinct vacation travel program for those clients who would love to own a timeshare but do not want the cost of yearly maintenance fees or the restrictions on points. We provide our members vacations at an affordable price and at luxurious resort destinations. Inspired VacationsTM by Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation is here to provide our clients with the fastest and most efficient way to plan and enjoy a great vacation. For more information about Inspired Vacations, go to to be redirected to the website.


My 500 Referral Program:

The My 500 Referral Program rewards clients for their referrals. Since the most important element in any business is lead generation, our success relies on our happy clients. The My 500 Referral Program was created exclusively by Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation to provide an easy way for clients to earn extra money by referring new clients. When a client completes a referral form, the referred family member, friend, co-worker, etc. will be contacted by a Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation consultant. If one of your referrals becomes a client with Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation, we will mail you a check for $500. It is as simple as that! Visit the My 500 page to submit a referral form now!


DISCLAIMER: Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation is not a resale or listing company. Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation does not sell timeshare or rent any timeshare for a fee. Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any U.S. Bank or lending institution. As such, our services shall not be construed to be paying off any existing timeshare debt or any mortgage that may be associated with a customer's timeshare ownership. Additionally, Vacation Ownership Financial Corporation is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any timeshare developer or any timeshare resort.