A major problem existing within the current rental market today is the requirement to have a reservation already scheduled at a property prior to a company attempting to rent it to the public. This inconvenient process led VO Financial to the creation of the Take My Place Rental Program.

Sadly, many owners of timeshare and vacation ownership are led to believe by purchasing their ownership they are making a wise investment that will bring in profitable revenues through rentals. Many owners quickly discover how difficult resort developers make the rental process, as well as the large commissions charged by the developer.

Take My Place Rental Information

Being a member of the Take My Place Rental Program is not a service our clients pay to be a part of, instead it is a value added bonus offered to VO Financial clients. The Take My Place Rental Program is only available to existing customers as VO Financial does not offer the singular service of renting timeshare for a fee. Instead, the Take My Place Rental Program is an incentive program for existing customers.

If someone wants to make a reservation at a discounted rate, a VO Financial consultant will call the timeshare or vacation ownership owner to discuss the need for the inventory. After the accommodations are reserved and the inventory is held in the requesting traveler's name, a check is then mailed directly to the timeshare or vacation ownership owner.

One of the best aspects of the last-minute reservation system is that it enables our clients to use a minimal amount of their ownership while receiving the maximum amount of rental income. VO Financial will not hold your timeshare or vacation ownership inventory in hopes of renting that time. Doing this can result in the loss of your usage without any financial gain.

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DISCLAIMER: V O Financial is not a resale or listing company. V O Financial does not sell timeshare or rent any timeshare for a fee. V O Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any U.S. Bank or lending institution. As such, our services shall not be construed to be paying off any existing timeshare debt or any mortgage that may be associated with a customer's timeshare ownership. Additionally, V O Financial is not affiliated, or in any way associated with any timeshare developer or any timeshare resort.