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Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Inspired Vacations Client: Miss Perry from Nevada    2012
"I have been a timeshare owner for over 10 years and have stayed in lots of resorts. However while I was at the resort, I attended the sales meetings. You already know what's next - the salesman gives you all the promises that sound good but it cost a lot of money. Well I of course thought that if I could get in to the resort that I wanted by buying more points, it would be great, but that didn't happen. They also promised that it could be rented to help with maintenance fees, but didn't happen. My payments just kept getting higher, and being on a fixed income, I just couldn't handle the payment. I had received calls from other timeshare companies stating they could rent and even sell my timeshare. Well, I got buried again. Then I got a call from Mr. Carlos Martinez from VO Financial telling me all about what VOF could do for me. Well after being burnt twice, I was scared. Mr. Martinez convinced me that VOF could help me get out of my $45,000+ debt. After many calls made to other clients, I went with VO Financial. Mr. Martinez said it would take 7 months to take care of my debt and it did. I am so happy that I went with VOF and that I am out of debt. Thanks VO Financial!"
Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Inspired Vacations
Dr. Brown from West Virginia    2012
"This testimony is of my own free will and accord with no profit expected or received based on my experience with VO.

I was contacted by VO Financial back in the winter and after speaking to a consultant for the company I was transferred to Rachel Carlson one of their Senior Specialists. I was very, very leery to trust Rachel due to the fact that I had paid so many other companies that had promised me different things. I couldn't see at first how this company was going to be any different? After speaking and really listening to Rachel she made me feel confident and trusting to work with VO Financial. I have had many downsides with the timeshare which caused downsides in my personal life. As a retired dentist, I've worked hard over many years for money that I feel the timeshare developer has stolen from me with their lies.

Rachel really helped me understand the big picture! During the time I was given my resolution and provided a contract I was still nervous. So I let Rachel know that I'd like my lawyer to review it before I signed anything. Unlike the timeshare developer, she didn't battle me and agreed to allow me to do so.

After my lawyer reviewed the contract I got back with Rachel with the sad news of my lawyer advising me not to work with VO. When Rachel educated me on the lack of timeshare knowledge lawyers actually have I then gave it another thought. She read the contract with me again, and in doing so, everything that she stated to me prior was all right there in writing.

She stayed in such good contact with me and I knew without a doubt I could trust her. So I actually went against my lawyer's advice and signed on with VO. Since then I have paid my monies in full with VO and have now been completely released from the timeshare as guaranteed.

I went into this with blind faith. All I can say is their process is a long one but if you listen it works. Rachel held my hand every step of the way. When I called she either answered or ALWAYS called back. Any time I emailed her, it wasn't more than a day or so before I had a response. She always assured me as we waited for this to be completed. Despite what others may say, hear, or read, VO must be doing something right because it works!! I would personally like to thank VO Financial and the owners Adam and Ashley Lacerda, whom Rachel has spoken VERY highly of with all the negativity against you guys right now.

Mostly- I'd like to thank Rachel Carlson for saving me from this financial burden of more than $30,000 of debt.

I could not have done this without Rachel and VO Financial

Thank You!"

Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Deed Replacement
Ms. Osika from California     2011
"Jim and I were contacted by VOFC just after returning from an August 2011 timeshare vacation in which we were persuaded to add more ownership to our already platinum membership. When VOFC called we were still in the 7 day cancellation window so we were able to cancel the additional costs that we really did not want or need. But their sales tactics are relentless. By the time the Wyndham representatives get thru with you, you have no idea what the actual truth is.

In addition to that transaction, we have also shed all of those unwanted points and services down to a more manageable ownership, saving us over $100,000 of debt! Now we can relax, live within our budget, and enjoy life. Wyndham's mandatory update sessions and lies made this hard for us to do.

Jim and I are both retired and on fixed incomes. Everything VOFC said they would do, they did. The process may have been slow at times but we were kept in the loop at all times. We wish we had known about them earlier."

Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Deed Replacement Client: Ms. Abernathy from Colorado     2011
"I am so appreciative of the staff at VO Financial for contacting me in September, 2011 to help me with my timeshare points and getting a better handle on the negative practices of Club Wyndham that led to my demise financially. Although the process has taken many months, VOFC has walked me through this step by step, encouraging me, never giving up on me, and giving needed support. I am most grateful for now being able to enjoy my points and travel without the hassle and to leave a better plan to my loved ones. Thank you so much!!!"
Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Deed Replacement
Mr. and Mrs. Segner from Wisconsin     2010
"Hello, my name is Joel Segner and my wife and I own a small plastic fabrication company. We produce the charitable collection devices that the Ronald McDonald house uses to collect donations at the McDonald's restaurants. They are mounted beneath the Drive-Thru window and sit by the cash registers.

I am a plastics guy. I am not a salesman or a timeshare guy. I am quite convinced that I would not even able to make a reservation at the Wyndham resorts without my wife's direction.

I have to give Wyndham's salespeople some credit. They are very good at what they do. Their job is to convince you that if you just spend another $15,000 you will be money ahead. I remember sitting through one of their owners updates and feeling like "is this never going to end ". I can still recall the sales guys pitch. " If you expand your ownership and move it to Daytona Beach - you will never pay another maintenance fee because the points would "rent themselves" because of the Daytona 500 and Spring Break, etc "....Never quite worked out!

Not only had my wife and I been scammed by Wyndham, but on no less than three other occasions, we were called by people in the Timeshare industry who were going to help us with our Wyndham problem. A couple of thousand dollars later and nothing. So by the time VO Financial called, I was about as cynical as one person can get.

VOF was able to help with our Wyndham problem by replacing the Daytona Beach property we owned and replace it with smaller properties in California. When all was said and done, VOF helped us to eliminate $70,000.00 of debt and five months of missed monthly mortgage payments and maintenance fees. Absolutely everything that VOF said they would do, they did. I would highly recommend their services to everyone."

Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Inspired Vacations
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson from Maryland   2012
"I just want to thank the VO Financial for helping my husband and I get free of a timeshare that was causing us nothing but grief and pain. At first I was a little afraid to trust anyone with our problem because we got mixed up with more than two companies that just took money from us and did nothing to help us. Thank God for Damian Malgeri and the VOF family. They stayed with us to the end of our ordeal. Damian continued to call and gave us all the updates that we needed to stay on top of what was happening with our account. We have never met in person, but I feel that I have known him forever! I don't regret making the choice to work with VO Financial. Thank you so very much. "

Service provided by the VOFC: Debt Reduction/Inspired Vacations
 Mr. and Mrs. McRostie from Colorado     2012
"After agonizing with regret for our purchase of vacation "investment", which over time has been a progressive burden to us, we are so relieved to know there are a few honest people who still exist! The sweet talk of salespersons which pushed their agenda by deception and manipulation and by persistently ignoring their clients' efforts to decline upgrades and the increasing maintenance fees left us with debt we struggled to resolve.

Adding insult to injury, we also lost money and trust of groups who promised to help sell or rent our timeshare, to no avail. Having been burned several times, we were reticent to try one more time when we came into contact with VO Financial. You have been an answer to our prayers! Using your website to tell-it-like-it-is in exposing timeshare fraud helped convince us of your integrity.

How thankful we are to you, VO Financial, for your integrity, gentle spirit and mission focus of guiding us to see light at the end of the tunnel and find resolution in our desperation. You have stuck with us every step of the journey. Your assurance to us that the process would be done correctly will not be forgotten. We are grateful and relieved at the outcome. We cannot express adequately our appreciation of the quality of your Cape Cod and VO Financial personnel."

A personal word to the President and CEO of VO Financial:

"We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the contact and help that Jake Laurie has been to us since late January this year. He has been consistent and reassuring in our phone conversations and guidance in the process of disengaging with our developer. Thank you, too, for being a firm that has shown integrity in exposing the deception in the timeshare vacation business on your website. And we are so grateful to have been offered a legal way out of debt. Jake has been a great consultant for us as he has walked us through the whole process and we now have in hand a letter from our developer confirming that our contract number has been cancelled and their collections activity has stopped.

We consider our contact with VO Financial to have been a God-send. Our best wishes for your continued aid to many hurting, well-intended people.

Thank You again"

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DISCLAIMER:The above testimonials were provided from actual VO Financial clients. Each client voluntarily provided their testimony regarding their specific experience with VO Financial. The clients have provided VO Financial with their permission to use their names and publish their testimony. It is important to understand that each clients situation may differ depending on their individual circumstances and therefore, results and outcomes may vary for each individual client.